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The main part of this necklace are blue sponge coral beads and are accented with very dark red fluted beads and silverplated spacers. The background for the oval pendant is hand painted and sets the stage for the gorgeous prancing saddlebred. Necklace measures 21” and can be sized. You will love this piece and so will your friends.

$45 includes shipping




Some very lovely multi-faceted black beads are accented by metal filigree bicones. The 3” bay saddlebred pendant is very detailed resin. Pendant was designed and made by Jennifer Read. Necklace measures 21” long and length can be adjusted. 

$70 includes shipping




Lovely detailed hand carved bone saddlebred pendant graces a 21” strand of sparkly multi-faceted black beads. Each side has two accent pieces that lead your eye to the pendant. Nothing more elegant than black and white and it goes with just about everything you wear. Measuring 21”, this can be shortened.


$60 includes shipping



Here is turquoise combined with dZi Tibet agate and accented with gorgeous filigree metal beads. You will love the sawo wood hand carved walk trot saddlebred pendant. This makes a really unusual necklace and you will enjoy showing it off to your friends. Measuring 21 1/2”, it can be shortened.

$60 includes shipping




 Gorgeous multi-faceted cobalt blue beads with silverplate is eyecatching. The embossed metal beads help make this piece special. The oval charm contains a three-gaited Saddlebred reproduced from an original painting by Jeanne Schoborg. The background and blue ribbon are handpainted. Necklace measures 21” and size can be adjusted if needed.

$40 includes shipping



 The focal point of this necklace is an oval charm with famous saddlebred, Rex McDonald, which was reproduced from an original painting by Jeanne Schoborg. The black and light sapphire blue beads pull out the colors in the pendant. Measuring 21”, this piece can be shortened if needed.

$40 includes shipping



Unfortunately, these lovely faceted amethyst beads did not photograph well. Gorgeous lampwork beads with roses embedded in the glass make this a piece you can’t resist. The beads are separated with silverplated spacers to let the colors stand out. The 3” saddlebred pendant is very detailed resin. Pendant was designed and made by Jennifer Read. Necklace measures 21” long and can be shortened if needed. You will be the envy of all your friends when you wear this.  

$70 includes shipping



 These are the neatest things and so colorful. Clip them to your jackets or purses or any where else you want to. #1 to #13 are the same size as last year and #14 to #49 are a tad bit bigger. Select them early as there won’t be any more before Christmas and I sold out last year. Make great gifts and even get one or two for yourself. $16 each includes shipping. See more on


SOLD #1  


One of the new 3” hand carved sawo wood saddlebred pendant makes this a really unique piece. The beads are glass and agate and highlighted with turquoise disks. The light spots like on the ear are from lights I used to photograph this piece. Necklace fastens with lobster claw clasp and measures 22” long. Length can be shortened. This is a little different from my usual style and I really like it 

$60 includes shipping