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Unique Saddlebred Jewelry

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Unique Saddlebred Jewelry for the Saddlebred Lover

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This has to be one of my favorite necklaces. It is so elegant. I just had to have one like this. Measuring 21” long, the hand carved saddlebred pendant is an eyeful even without the gorgeous faceted black beads. Available in black, red, red and black. cobalt blue, turquoise blue, turquoise blue and black, sapphire blue and sapphire blue and black…You will be sure to love this necklace.

$60 includes shipping



 Gorgeous moonstone and black onyx beads do justice to this 3” silver resin saddlebred pendant. The bicone-shaped filigree metal beads call attention to the detailed pendant.  This is one gorgeous piece. Even your friends will want it… Necklaces measures 20” long.

$70 includes shipping


You’ll be a winner when you wear this necklace. The large oval pendant includes a 3-gaited saddlebred reproduced from an original painting by Jeanne Schoborg. On each side of this lovely pendant are two gorgeous blue ribbons. Measuring 20 ½”, this is really unique piece. You are sure to be noticed wearing this.

$45 includes shipping 



   The focal point of this necklace is the pretty sorrel saddlebred. The pendant was designed and made by Jenifer Read. The 3” saddlebred pendant is very detailed and a standout. Necklace measures 20” long and is a combination of black onyx, multi-faceted glass beads and metal filigree bicone beads. You will be the envy of all your friends when you wear this.   

$70 includes shipping 


 Lovely 8mm and 10mm turquoise blue faceted beads and three twisted beads are highlighted with three non-tarnishing photo charms containing the gorgeous artwork of Montrose, Courageous Lord and Oman’s Desdemona Denmark by Jeanne Schoborg and used with her permission. All the rest of the silver is silverplate.

$45 includes shipping



  Flower or natural Amazonite is just gorgeous with the aquas, creams, tans and other colors. I have matched the beads up on each side of the pendant as best as I could. The lovely detailed hand carved saddlebred pendant is bone and measures 2” tall. Bone is getting hard to find in large pieces as it is being put into fertilizer. You will get lots of compliments on this necklace. Measures 22” long and can shortened. $60 includes shipping

  $60 includes shipping   



 Black and white is about as classy as you can get. The hand carved bone beads highlight three-strand clusters of 3mm black beads. The handcarved black arang wood saddlebred pendant measures 2 1/2". Necklace is 20 1/2" long. 

$60  includes shipping




 Classic black onyx beads with lots of silverplate spacers make this an eye-catching necklace. The filigree-bicone metal beads frame the 3” silver saddlebred pendant. A piece that goes with just about everything. Wear it and you’ll get lots of compliments. Necklace measures 20”.

 $70 includes shipping


 A variety of gorgeous beads that are mostly natural stone. This is absolutely stunning and goes with so many things. Saddlebred head is hand carved arang wood and very detailed. Necklace measures 20” long and length can be adjusted.

$60 includes shipping







 Love love love the lampwork beads with the lovely faceted turquoise blue beads. The focal point is a hand carved bone saddlebred pendant. Your friends will surely like this piece. Length of necklace is 19 ½”.

$60 includes shipping. 



Bone large enough to make pendants is getting harder and harder to get as it is being put into fertilizer. The bone is very difficult to photograph and get details. This necklace with the gaited pendant has gorgeous very faceted pastel pink beads with faceted frosted pink beads. This is a one-of-a-kind piece and measures 20". If you like pink, don't pass this up as this is one of the last pink and bone necklaces.


 $60 includes shipping


I am in love with the turquoise and coral beads made in Nepal. They add so much to this lovely turquoise and black onyx necklace. Measuring 2 1/2” tall, the hand carved walk trot saddlebred pendant is sawo wood and very detailed. The spacers between the beads are silver plate. Necklace measures 21” and can be shortened. You will love this and your friends will envy you.

$60 includes shipping


Lovely pink sea opal and amethyst beads are accented with small silver-plated beads. The hand carved saddlebred bone pendant makes this necklace complete. This one-of-a-kind piece is awesome. Measures 21” and can be shortened.    

$60 includes shipping



 Black teardrop briolettes frame the lovely 2 1/2" hand carved saddlebred pendant. This pendant is very limited and there will be no more. This pendnt is done exclusively for me. The necklace measures 19" and can be shortened or made longer if needed.

$55 includes shipping



Red and black are always a popular combination. These colors are especially fun to wear if they are your barn colors. Add a detailed hand carved sawo wood saddlebred pendant and you will be the envy of all your friends. Necklace measures 20" and can be sized. Ask me about doing this in your barn colors.

$60 includes shipping






Measuring 20", this necklace is two sizes of shiny multi-faceted black beads and clear crystal Swarovski beads. The focal point is a 1" non-tarnishing saddlebred charm. This piece could even be worn to a fancy party. Absolutely gorgeous on red and you'll be noticed at the party.

$40 includes shipping


I love unusual pieces and the hand-woven peyote tubes add just that touch. Lovely turquoise blue rondelle and black round beads bring out the black background of the 1 ½” x 1” non-tarnishing oval. The photo is reproduced from original artwork and has handpainted background. Measures 20” long. Fastens with lobster claw clasp.

$40 includes shipping



 Measuring 20" long, this gorgeous necklace of sparkly black multi-faceted beads is separated by Namibi Amazonite briolettes. The oval non-tarnishing pendant has a photo of Oman's Desdemona Denmark reproduced from an original painting by Jeanne Schoborg who is well known for her saddlebred paintings. The green in the oval and the Amazonite briolettes compliment each other.

$45 includes shipping



This lovely necklace is made from my two favorite chains. The focal point is a 3 gaited saddlebred reproduced from a painting by Jeanne Schoborg. Complimenting the oval charm are non-tarnishing saddlebreds, horse shoes and black Swarovski beads. This necklace measures 18” and can be made longer. 


$50 includes shipping



Interesting Picasso jasper column beads are added to multi-faceted black beads. Add a handcarved saddlebred pendant of arang wood and you have a fabulous piece. Your friends will certainly love this piece and so will you. Necklace measures 20" and can be made longer or shorter.

$60 includes shipping





   Gorgeous twisted turquoise blue beads are nestled among multi-faceted black beads with silverplated bead caps. Photo charm holds reproduction of original painting of Courageous Lord by Jeanne Schoborg. Necklace measures 20” and is very eye catching.

$45 includes shipping




The lovely red Chinese cinnabar beads make a statement. Add a hand carved saddlebred pendant of arang wood and you have a fabulous one-of-a-kind necklace. No two ways about it. This is an awesome piece. Necklace measures 21" and can be shortened.

$60 includes shipping


  What a gorgeous one-of-a-kind necklace!!! The black beads are onyx and the pretty blue ones are chalcedony. The larger beads are handcrafted in Nepal using coral and turquoise. The hand carved saddlebred pendant is sawo wood and very detailed. Necklace measures 22” long and length can be adjusted. Blue of chalcedony and Nepal beads is closer than what it looks. One is opaque and the other is not so they photographed very differently.

$65 includes shipping